Khác Closed wooden crates according to export standards in industrial zones

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    Closed wooden crates for export of international goods is usually based on the size, shape of goods, the value of goods and goods of each enterprise, and properly packed.

    However, there are also a number of common standards that must be followed when closed wooden crates of wood:

    - Wood materials must be imported, wood surface must be planed and smoothed.

    - Fumigation, treated according to ISPM15 international standards.

    - Load of wooden bales suitable for goods, durable, good quality to ensure no damage during export.

    Therefore, Red Ant is considered a reputable, professional, high-quality closed wooden crates service provider with many years of experience, capturing the technical requirements as well as the process of packaging goods and pepper. export standard.

    You need to pack closed wooden crates for export, contact us immediately to receive the best service with the most competitive prices on the market today.

    Some pictures of closed wooden crates for export:




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